Monday, September 21, 2009

My week in Arizona - Friends were the best part

Though I am going to have to back track to tell you about the first of the week, I wanted to share with you the most important part of my week in Arizona. Though I knew a few of these wonderful ladies before I got to Creative Escape, some I had never met in person.
God truly had a plan and He knew who needed to be in our special group. This event was far worth the price because of this event I have found treasured friendships with all of these wonderful ladies. We were in every class together and we took care of each other. It was awesome.

First off, going to Arizona would not have been possible if not for my loving husband, who always makes sure that I can go to great events. Of course he loves getting in the mix too. All the ladies in our group became Dave's Girls LOL

Stacy was my CE Buddy and we joked later about being velcro buddies. Basically joined at the hip LOL There was a bonus to being my CE Buddy, Dave brought her fountain Diet Cokes when he brought me fountain Diet Pepsi. We absolutely clicked from the beginning. Stacy you were such a blessing to me all week. Thanks for being an awesome friend.
Myra was just a delight. I only regret not getting to know her better. Myra you have the sweetest spirit. I hope we get to be at another event together again. My goal then is to get to know you better.

Oh my friend Janet, you are so sweet. I loved being with you. You are always so kind and helpful. I loved being around you because your beautiful smile and upbeat attitude. Thanks for always making me smile.

When I met you, I knew instantly that you were a warm wonderful lady. For 3 days we hung out together and just had fun. I loved your spirit and hearing about your world. We will have to make time for all of us Nevada / California girls to get together and have fun. Kate you made me smile alot, you are truly a beautiful sweet lady.

Oh Patti, you are the best. I love you smile and enthusiasm. It is very contagious. You were always there to make me smile and giggle. I loved your stories and felt for you when you would share. You are a very special lady who has the world going for her. I know great things will come your way. See ya this weekend, we will have a blast at the crop. I am sure many more of these will be in our future.

You both were paint can partners and look now you are friends.
Gail what a blessing to get to know you and share CE with you. I am so glad that you became a part of this blessed group of strangers that got together for a great few days.
Carol you have been a blessing in my life forever. You have the most generous heart and are one of the nicest people I know. It was a pleasure to be at this event with you. I know we will see each other many more times but just know that you blessed my socks off and can't wait for our next event. (guess I better sign up for Expo.

Oh my sweet Renee. You so took care of me. You always made sure I had the right seat and made sure that I took it easy. Even though I may have argued with you, I did appreciate it. You always had my back. I loved hearing about you new granddaughter Ruby. I could see the love of your family in your eyes. Renee your spirit makes you one of the most beautiful people in the world. We live on opposite coasts but I know God will bring us back together again. Thank you Renee for being you.

Helen what an awesome life you lead. I loved hearing about you and what you are doing. You are so sweet and lovely. I can tell that you are a true friend, one who is there through thick and thin. Helen, I am so glad that we met and that we got to share many fun times together. We had many great times and laughs, hope to do it again.

Boy did my husband luck out. He definitely had a group of women following him LOL
Patti thanks for the shirt, it made him famous. Between soda, cupcake and airport runs, he was very busy but loved every minute of it. Thanks honey for all you did.

We need to talk about Chloe. Dave is pining for her. He may leave me for her LOL
Thanks for all you did with the cupcakes and such. That was a big job. You were awesome. I loved meeting you and your wonderful family. Hope to see you soon too.

Jill you were an awesome paint can swapper. I love my can and hope you liked yours too. Had a great time chatting with you and swapping cans. Now we both can make our own brads - yeah. Thanks for doing this swap.

Tiesha wish we had more time to chat but it was fun being your secret sister.

Oh my dear Michelle, I just adore you. You have the sweetest spirit. You are so kind and generous. I loved that you were my secret sister. I want to get to know you better. Thanks for blessing my life

I honestly know that I repeated myself many times. I just don't know how to truly explain how wonderful all these ladies are and what they mean to me. They all blessed me and I love them all.

Saying good bye was hard. We will see each other again. I can hardly wait.

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Sära said...

It looks like you had so much fun and what a great group of friends you had there! And a big "yay!" for Dave! What a great husband you have!