Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week Thirty Eight - Gratitude

Saturday September 17th - I am grateful for great friends who I wil see in a few days.
Sunday September 18th- I am grateful for a new week
Monday September 19th - Remembering those who were injured or killed at the Air Race accident on Friday
Tuesday September 20th - Thankful for my family and friends - they are my life
Wednesday September 21st - Grateful that we made it safely to Vegas
Thursday September 22nd - Thankful that I am taking fun craft classes and just relaxing. Grateful for the special blessing during the ProvoCraft class.
Friday September 23rd - Grateful for fun times with my awesome friends.

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Joan said...

The infamous Faye who everyone thanked I know I have seen you the past few years but dont think we met if you have extra would love one of your Rak