Saturday, January 2, 2010

Journal My Christmas - January, 2nd

Renewed Faith ~

Many things happened this month that gave me pause to realize there are many out there who want to help. Sometimes it is easy to feel alone and that no one understands, but from the lady at the department store, to our realtor to a friend at church, many others are trying to keep their homes and fighting with the banks to do so. We are not alone but somehow it doesn't make it easier. I really am not mad just sad that some banker can turn my world upside down.

The blessing is though that we have a place to live that is not in danger of being taken by the bank. Living with my mom will be awesome and actually I can't wait for it. I just need to be out of the house and home again.

I have found that chatting with others going through the same thing, it actually seems to bring comfort to all of us.

This year as we became the recipients of Christmas food and help, it was humbling to find myself in this spot but thankful for a church who was willing to help those in need. This year that was families in our church and not in the community.

I try to be more patient and understanding to those around me. Everyone is having a hard time and they may just need that smile and not grumpy attitude. A smile and God bless you seem to bring more cheer and that is my goal for 2010 is to spread happiness and be a shining light for my Lord. He is faithful to provide, sometimes it is just not in the way we anticipate but it is His provision anyway.

I am very thankful for my wonderful mom who is always there, she is my best friend and I am excited to be back with her again.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

sandalloons44 said...

hey Faye, I am going to share this with you as I am not at all ashamed. When I attended Central Christian Church for 10 years, I was in the choir. Well, for Christmas in 1994, we purchased a gift for different single moms and their children at our church. My pick was a single mom and her son I think, it is hard to remember now. but, I had my apartment manager keep calling me to ask me to please come to her apartment and pick up 5 banana boxes filled with food, and gifts for me and my 2 children at the time. I had received so much food, $75 in a card, and a clothing item and a gift for each of my children. So, humble and just so grateful. Made me at the time feel so quilty but, as I saw this and used this, I really appreciated this so much!
As I was married to my ex for 8 years and he cheated, he walked out of his job before, and we too lost our house. It was a disaster but, I knew God would be there no matter what for us and help.
So, just note, you are never alone and this is just the toughest time ever.
Now too my husband now and I have been married for 10 years, and we have not lost a thing. We always say we live so differently and conservative and he really tries to watch our spending. It is so tough out there and God's speed to you Faye.