Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Journal My Christmas ~ January 6th

Until next year ~

Wow, it is now at the end of the journey and I am so glad that I jumped onboard this year. What matters most to me is my relationship with God and my family. Both remained my focus this season and that made my month so much more worthwhile.

I can focus on all the things I didn't do, but what I did do was awesome. Spending time with Michael and seeing how he has grown up was so special. My only sadness is that he will be done with Job Corps in September and has no where to go. He has considered coming here to work in the casino kitchens but needs a place to live. With our living arrangements changing, we don't have the room. Mom has said he can stay here for a month, and I so appreciate it but without assistance from his dad, I don't know how he is going to make it right away. I have always been so fortunate to have support from home, I can't understand when parents basically throw their kids out into the world with little or no support. OK I will get off my soapbox.

This month has been about acceptance also. Having reconnect with Dale has been hard and awesome at the same time. God has a plan for bringing him next door and I know that as long as I trust in Him, I will be able to handle whatever comes of this. I can get past all the hurt especially if God uses me to bring Dale to Him. That is my prayer.

I was thrilled to get the Christmas cards out and have been blessed by many friends with awesome cards and notes. It has been so great to reconnect with everyone. That is another treat of the holidays. I need to be better about sending cards and notes during the rest of the year.

I am looking forward to next year and celebrating Christmas again with my family. I have learned though that you don't need all the decorations and stuff to make Christmas matter. You just need your faith, your family and your friends. That is all that matters and it was good to put it all in perspective. So to finally close this out - all I can say is; " Until next year!"

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Helen Mills said...

Have enjoyed reading your Christmas journal - how good of you to keep on top of it and love your spirit and attitude through this difficult time. All the very best new year wishes to you, Dave and your family and may 2010 bring new opportunities and blessings for you all. I will see you at IU!