Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Journal My Christmas - January 5th

Packing ~

Packing it all up --- that is something that started happening before Christmas began. We only put up a small pink tree in our dining room and the presents sat around it. The pink tree is actually still sitting there - it is so cute, just not ready for it to be boxed again.

Since we are packing to move, everything right now is either in one of these groups. To keep, to donate or garage sale so packing is not as simple as loading boxes full of stuff.

Normally we have our tree in a large tote and lots of other totes for ornaments and other decorations. We have so many decorations for indoors and outdoors. My favorites are our inflatables.

Next year the decorations will be combined and our home will be full of the joys of the Christmas season. I can't wait, so this month that we spent in transition will make way for future holidays and celebrations full of cheer. I can't wait.

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