Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Choice is mine....................

While attending a crop in September, I was having a discussion with the store owner, Mary Ann. I shared with her that I really wanted to attend CHA once and experience the hype of new craft products coming out. CHA is the leading show to introduce all that is new to the craft industry.

Anyhow, she talked to Dave and told him that she would get us passes to attend. Well for our 16th anniversary, he gave me this certificate as my present.
The choice was mine to either attend CHA in February or to have another family vacation. Little did we know that Dave's brother Don was going to get remarried in March so the choice was obvious that we were to have a family vacation and no to CHA (maybe next year).
Anyhow, in March off to Richland, WA where we had a great time with family. More info on that later.
God was so good in that times together were full of fun and laughter along with some healing. It is amazing how awesome it can be to just spend time with family and enjoy each others company. Looking forward to more family time and adventures. So to my dear husband, your gift certificate was the best present ever and thanks for always blessing my life.

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