Saturday, April 5, 2008

Diagnosis Confirmed

I have had some new doctors brought into my life and they are dealing with the breaking bones issues that are going on. Since June I have broke 3 ribs, fractured my shoulder and fractured vertebrae - ouch
The vertebrae issues was causing more pain in my legs on top of the neuropathy. I went out on a limb and had the doctor dealing with the back issue and asked him to do an EMG to test for sure. Since the Neurologist had only poked my legs with pins and not the EMG, my Rheumatologist wasn't willing to accept the Neuropathy at face value.
So the test was done and I kept praying that there was no Neuropathy so I could get off of the Neurontin.
Well, diagnosis confirmed ---------Neuropathy is official in both legs and the meds are controlling it.
OH well ............a girl could hope. The Epideral Steroid shot made a huge impact along with physical therapy and I survived the trip. Maybe they can all work to help me somewhat pain free each day. It is getting better, just wanted this test to be negative. OH well, God has a reason, I will just rejoice in the good days and the bad too. After all God has a better place for me in Heaven, so this is just my thorn for right now.
Will post some more pictures of other projects. I am up to alot of fun things. Will tell you all soon
Happy Saturday

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