Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tuesday October 17, 1989

Tuesday October 17, 1989 - What a day. My staff showered me with all kinds of presents for Boss' Day and it was just a great day. The girls that worked for me were wonderful and as a preschool director, it was a blessing to work with them.
I left work that day around 4:50 p.m. and headed home to get ready for another event that night.
Moments after arriving home, I heard a noise that I had heard many times before. When you live in California you expect it. My house began to shake violently for about 30 seconds. It actually felt like hours.
I heard things crashing down around me and had sustained some personal injury. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to look at my damage............I had to get back to my preschool which was still open.
None of the staff or children were injured just scared. The quake was a 7.1, so they had every right to be frightened. We waited till 9:00 p.m. that night for the last child to be picked up and then we all went home to our very dark homes.
Through the next few months aftershocks were constant and I pretty much had it with living in an earthquake prone area.
I left in June , 1990 and never looked back. I survived a big one and wanted to be far away from another one.

Well, if you have seen the news lately you have seen that our area has been plagued with earthquakes. Mostly on the west side of town, but they are here. Friday night at 11:40 p.m. Dave and I were sitting in our living room (we just got home from a Kenny Rogers concert) and heard the noise. Oh I hadn't heard that in so long and as I was about to say "we are having an earthquake" our house began to rattle and shake. Fortunately nothing broke.....our house and all of us weathered it OK. Dave looked at me and said how big was that one and I said probably about a 5. Well that bugger was a 4.9 - so I was pretty close.

As the house shook, my head went back to the Bay Area and I visually relived that whole experience. At first I thought that was bizarre, that I immediately flashed back to that moment in time. But later I talked to others who live here but lived there also and they said that they did the exact same thing. Funny how our head works.

Anyhow, many in the Reno area have sustained a great deal of damage and they say that we will be getting a big one soon. I pray we don't but we are prepared on our end if need be. After the first small ones, insurance companies sent out notes letting home owners that earthquake insurance is not included in most plans, so call today to get coverage.

I called on Wednesday and the agents were busy, and one would call me back. I never the call and now since we have had a major quake on Friday...........we can't buy the additional coverage until there is no earthquake activity for 48 hours.

Just say a prayer for those of us in the area, that God would keep us all safe and that hopefully the quakes will settle and stop once and for all


Lori Shrout said...

Where do you live now Faye ? I live north of L.A. so am used to earthquakes (sort of). My family are near Louisville, KY (in Indiana) and they were rattled by some quakes lately.

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Hi Lori,
I live in Sparks, NV.
Earthquakes are not a common thing around here.
They are settling down finally.
Weather everywhere is just bizarre lately.
Hope your family is doing OK, with their quakes