Saturday, December 12, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 11th

Oh Christmas Tree ~

Setting up our Christmas Tree is one thing I always look forward to. It is full of lights and ornaments that we have collected ever since we have been married. There are also ornaments from previous students and some I had when I was single.

My first trees were real and oh the mess they left behind. When I moved to Spokane, we bought an artificial tree that moved with us when we moved here. It lasted quite a few years but one year just after having an emergency appendectomy, I was home alone and told do not lift anything and all the sudden the tree snapped at its base and came tumbling down. Being that Belle will chase anything that is rolling around and knowing I didn't want her eat any of the ornaments, I tried to pick the tree up and oh that was a bummer.

Dave and mom went to Target and bought a brand new tree and the new one is huge. Our tree is full of branches so lots of lights and ornaments make it symbolic of our life, our family and our faith. My tree topper is a Precious Moments Angel and she just makes is perfect.

Being that we are trying to move, no tree will go up this year but next year for sure. I have a small pink tree that I was going to use for a special girls weekend, I may set that up in my kitchen until Christmas.

I have been working on some special ornaments for a contest and for some gifts, hopefully they will happily adorn the trees of my friends.

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