Sunday, December 6, 2009

Journal My Christmas - December 5th

Count down to Christmas ~ So many times I forget to look at what's around me and take in the blessings from each day. I will make my advent for this Christmas to list the 25 blessings that come my way this season. It will be a true blessing to look back and see all the great things God did this very special season.
1. Love of my family
2. Friends
3. My pets whom love me unconditionally
4. Great night with mom and Dave watching "A Christmas Carol"
5. Worshipping God freely
6. Snow
7. A warm house to live in
8. God provides what we need
9. A special time with family
10. Fun decorations and beautiful lights
11. Memories of those we have lost and loved.
12. A sense of calm and peace
13. Prayer
14. Laughter and my brother
15. Gift of encouragement via friends kind words
16. Creativity
17. My nephew Michael
18. Shopping for family
19. Being at church with my family
20. Spending time with friends
21. Reflecting on the year
22. Sending cards to friends and family
23. Candlelight service with family and friends
24. Spending the day with Michael
25. A great day with family

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