Saturday, December 19, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 18th

Christmas Food ~

Oh the smells of Christmas become alive the week before. Food plays a big part in our celebration.

First off is Baking: Caramel Corn, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Fudge and Butterscotch Fudge start the ball rolling. We give alot away to church friends, Jodi's bus drivers, Jodi's teachers and whoever else comes our way.

Our friends Val and Beth also bake alot and we get an annual tray of yummy goodies.

Next is Desserts: Coconut Cream Pie for Dave and Dale, Pumpkn Pie for Billy and Mom, maybe a Caramel Pecan Pie for Neil - who knows what will be baked.

The past 2 years we have had Christmas Brunch not dinner and I have to say it has been so relaxing and wonderful. We open presents, eat and eat and eat all day. Angela brings her Sausage Rice Casserole - yum. We make scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and whatever else we throw into the mix. That being said the day is full of yummy things and it has become a perfect part of Christmas.

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