Sunday, December 27, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 27th

Relax ~

It is funny that sleeping in or relax is the word for the day. That was not the case in the Warriner house this morning. Since we are going to try and short sale the house to avoid foreclosure, we received a call from our realtor - Sandy and she had a man who was interested in a home in our area. She wanted to let us know that she was going to do a drive by, but Dave and I talked and we offered to let them view the house. Knowing that God has it all in control, we didn't want to let an opportunity pass us by.

So bright and early this morning, Mike and Dave went to Mom's and she came over to help me whip the house into shape. In less then 3 hours the place was ready to show. So no rest for the weary today.

Having a realtor and perspective buyer come into your home is so unsettling. I really had a tough time with it. We will see what happens with the house. Our home definitely looked like the end of Christmas and that we were packing to leave.
I have a feeling there isn't going to be much rest or relaxation over the next few weeks, guess we will squeeze it in where we can.

Looking forward to some great relaxing days to come.

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