Sunday, December 20, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 19th

Letter to Santa ~

Dear Santa,
It has been so many years since I did this, if I ever did it at all. Things right now are so crazy and it almost doesn't even seem like it is Christmas. If it wasn't for the fact that I actually went Christmas shopping yesterday, I would have continued to feel that Christmas is no where to be found in our homes.
My wishes this year are:
*My family to celebrate the day and take time to laugh and smile
*To not find joy in the little things
*Patience to deal with all the challenges that are facing my family
*Make Michael's time with us enjoyable and fun
*The strength and stamina to get done what we need to in regards to moving in with mom.
*Help other families who may have it harder than our family at this time
*Not forget the reason for the season and celebrate Jesus' birth
*Attend church with family.
*Bless others with yummy gifts
*Healing in my foot as I decided to fall and sprain it today.

So Santa, things aren't as important as others this year. Help me to keep my focus where it should be and be there for my family

Merry Christmas

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