Friday, December 25, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 24th

Christmas Eve ~

Christmas Eve really began last night. What has made this one more special then most is last night Mom, Michael, Dave and I went to Summits 7:00 Candlelight Service. We were also joined by Dale Grimes who was a classmate of mine from elementary - high school. It is amazing how God brings people back into your life. I truly feel that God had a plan and He knew what Dale needed to hear. Maybe we all needed to hear it.
After that we headed out for pizza and then Michael, Dave and I went to look at some Christmas lights.
Today, Mike and I finished up the errands and caught up with Dave. We had dinner at mom's. We ate the ham that was given to us along with some au gratin potatoes and green beans. It was such a great dinner and fun to eat all together.
The night ended by attending another candlelight service at the Sparks Methodist Church. The service ended with all of us outside singing Silent Night. Even though it was not our church, it was a church of God's people and that was all that mattered.
It is time for bed and then up in the morning ready to be with family and have a blessed day celebrating Jesus' birth.

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