Saturday, December 26, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 25th

Christmas Day ~

Christmas Day actually ended up being a very relaxing, fun day. We started out opening presents at home. Michael was thrilled with his IPod and other goodies that we got him. He bought me a box with a Diet Pepsi in it along with a $20 gift card for Michaels. Dave gave me another $30 for Michaels and another kitchen fairy that was so cute. I also got a photo organizer and some scrapbook goodies. Everything was alot of fun. We each got movie tickets which we used Christmas night. Mom and I went and say "It's Complicated" and Dave and Mike say "Avatar" "It's Complicated" was so funny and a total chick flick.

We went to mom's about 10:30 and opened more gifts. Another $50.00 in Michael's gift cards along with a heated throw blaket. Dave and I got an electric blanket and $300.00, which was a huge blessing. Dave also got $50.00 gift card from Sears.

Neil and Angela gave everyone Sees candy treats. We all went into together and got Mom a Frappucino Maker along with the goodies to go with it. I finished the project from Creative Escape and gave it to Mom with pictures of all us in it. She loved everything.

We had Christmas brunch with lots of goodies. Jean, Dale and his daughter joined us. We had Mirmosa's, hot chocolate, Italian Soda's to drink and lots of yummy food. Mom had made stuffed mushrooms that were yummy, the best part though was Dave thought they were chocolate and got quite a surprise when he popped it into his mouth. Dave HATES mushrooms. He showed tact and swallowed it and drank a bunch of soda to push it down. We all laughed about that all day. We were so stuffed that dinner consisted of pie and that was it. I was so full that my tummy hurt. Too much food for me.

We enjoyed our company, we laughed and just had a fun day. Being that we had brunch we didn't have fix a big holiday dinner and so the rest of the day was ours. We are liking our new tradition. It is working for us.

We ended the day by going to the movies and then home to crash from the very busy day. We missed the family that we could not be with, and enjoyed those we were with. Merry Christmas everyone and more importantly Happy Birthday Jesus.

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