Sunday, December 13, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 12th

My Christmas Carol ~

It seems funny that we just went and saw A Christmas Carol last week, so to stop and think of Christmas' past, present and future is kind of fun.

Christmas Past - being one of four kids Christmas was always crazy busy with fun and excitement. We definitely had years with lots of presents and stuff and then years where things weren't so plentiful. My grandpa would give each of us children a can of Planter's Peanuts. We always looked forward to that.

After I left for college, I had a couple Christmas' where I stayed in the Bay Area but was always surrounded by friends. One of my favorite times was setting up the live Nativity at church. It was awesome to celebrate our Savior's birth with a beautiful display.

Moving to Spokane we had 2 awesome family Christmas' at Rick and Maria's. Our first Christmas together was spent at our home on West Glass. We had mom and dad along with friends Dan and Beth join us for dinner.

Since moving back, we have a huge Christmas at mom's followed by dinner. 2 years ago we started Christmas brunches instead of dinner. We have also attended Midnight services at Jean's church. It is something we look forward to.

Christmas Present ~ This Christmas and last have been out of the ordinary. Our family has been gravely affected by the economy. Last year things were hard, this year they are harder. We have all worked together to make things as normal as possible but it just isn't the same. We all have agreed though that we need to keep our focus on the true meaning of Christmas. This is truly what helping us all get through some really tough times.

Christmas Future ~ Only God knows what the future holds but with us moving in with mom next year should be better and we can concentrate on putting things back together.

The reality is though that the only constant is that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' Birth and no lack of income, presents or decorations can change that. So knowing that I am confident that Christmas Future will be filled with the same amount of love that Christmas Past and Present have had.

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