Friday, December 25, 2009

Journal My Christmas - December 23rd

Stockings ~

Every year Dave and I hang up our stockings on the wall and we have 3 for the dogs that hang along our fireplace. This year we are stockingless except for the cute little silver one on my package from Dave. When I opened the stocking on Christmas morning, there was 4 movie tickets and a $30 Michaels gift card.

We usually fill the stockings and open them on Christmas Eve. We have a blast filling them and they usually contain treasures like movies, candy, stuffed animals and many other fun things.

I have actually missed our stockings this year, but have missed alot of things this year. Next year in our new home, we will have our stockings to hang and much celebrating to do.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Note: Create Stockings on a page

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