Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 15th

So much is happening in the next couple weeks. Trying to move, short sale the house and yikes the Holidays. It has actually caused some dread as of recent days. I actually feel the panic setting in.

But now I can focus on people, who in my world will I be with and what will we do.

Thursday my beloved nephew Michael arrives to stay with us for 2+ weeks. What a blessing to be able to spend that amount of time with him. He is going be a huge help and even a distraction at times. I only wish that Matthew could be here too, but we will be seeing him at some point.

Sunday I will get to crop all day with Treion, Bev, Colleen and hopefully Saren. We are just going to celebrate Christmas and have fun. I am going to work on getting all this into the album, I am a bit behind there.

Family, Friends and Everyone else ~

During the week different church services and such will allow us the opportunity to see friends and celebrate our Savior's birth

Family will round out the week with a Christmas brunch and just time to relax. I so need that. I hope for a day of rest to ease my mind and spirit.

Dale and his daughter are recent additions to our family and hopefully we will get to share some Christmas cheer with them.

Lots of blessing still to do and I am looking forward to it.

We need to tell those in our world how we feel about them and more important share our faith. This is the season to bless and I am up for the mission.

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