Saturday, December 19, 2009

Journal Your Christmas ~ December 17th


Oh the perfect gift - what is it.

Is it the annual caramel corn that those who recieve it start asking for it before December hits.

Is it the cookies and fudge that others look forward to also.

Is it those handmade treasures that bring smiles to others faces.

YES to all the above

It is also the special gifts that are bought each year to bless family and friends.

This year is really hard because so much has gone wrong but today with what little money was available I shopped and had such a great time.

It is all about bringing joy to my family and it was awesome.

For Dave so far it will be a Ted Dekker book, a His Word Gift Certificate, a Snuggie with a book light, movie tickets and some See's candy.

For Mom her annual coffee from I think Harry and David this year. A Frappucino Machine that will be from all of us. It was funny she finally popped off with something she wanted and voila I found it a few hours later. It made it great because my brother needed something too and this is going to be a fun gift.

For Jodi she will get some sweats and toys.

For Michael who is visiting us, we bought him an IPod Nano with all the accessories that will be from all of us. He will also get a Snuggie with booklight, a gift card for Barnes and Noble, a gift card for I-Tunes, a book of Disney pictures and some Sees Candy

For Matthew a gift card for Chevron, Cold Stone, Wendy's and Subway, See's candy and a Disney Picture book.

For Val and Beth we are going to make a Salsa/Tortilla/Reindeer dish gift set. It is going to be cute. We are going to exchange gifts on Monday

For Treion, Saren, Bev and Colleen some handmade goodies that I created using the Zutter Bind It All. We are going to exchange gifts and do a stocking exchange on Sunday.

We opted to not exchange gifts with Rick & Maria and Don & Kim. We put our focus on Mike and Matt. Matt is with Rick and Maria.

This year our family will recieve some Christmas help. Dave will go pick up a gift card to help with our Christmas on Sunday. We have discussed it and we are going to bless someone else with it. We appreciate the assistance but a guy I went to school with named Dale and his daughter Maddie need it more.

So what is the perfect gift and are my family and friends receiving it this year? The only perfect one is the one that God gave each of us.

So Christmas hopefully will be a focus on our gift of life with the birth of Jesus. He is the reason we celebrate Christmas. So Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for all you give to us every day.

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