Monday, December 28, 2009

Journal My Christmas ~ December 28th

Indulge ~

What are my Christmas' indulgences?

1. Christmas lights and displays - each year I really look forward to checking out what everyone has done. I love the lights and the different yard art.

2. Christmas music - I just can't get enough. I love singing the songs over and over again.

3. Making treats to give away. This year it was only pies but those who got them, loved them and that makes me happy

4. Christmas cards - I love to get cards and letters from family and friends. It is always fun to see what others are doing. We sent out 96 cards / letters and so far have about 30 that we have received.

5. Holiday smells - Berries, cinnamon and whatever yummy scents make our home feel very Christmassy. (is that a word?)

6. Love seeing the packages all wrapped and pretty.

7. Baked goods and treats for us to snack on. Our friends Val and Beth always give us yummy treats from cookies, fudge, caramel corn, bread and candy. It is always fun to enjoy the treats. This year I also got some Toffee from See's and Chocolate Macadamia Nuts to enjoy - yumm

8. After Christmas deals - It is always fun to go shopping and get more treats or decorations. We headed to Walmart, Michaels and Farmer's Almanac Country Store for some great bargains.

9. Being with family, just enjoying ourselves.

10. Worship and church are the most important to me during this time of year. Celebrating Jesus' birth is really what it is all about. So not really an indulgence but just a great thing to be able to do and thankful that we have that freedom to do so.

December is full of fun and wonder for me. Even though things were harder this year, it still was a great month and one that I have fond memories of.

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